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Ampli5's Health/Sports products are designed to increase your body's performance by balancing your natural energy field and restoring your natural internal frequencies. The Ampli5 Technology is contained in proprietary alloy contained within each Ampli5 product. Since every cell in our bodies is electromagnetic, Ampli5 is engineered to correct and rebalance the body's natural energy field to improve your body's performance*.

Tests have shown that Ampli5's technology can improve your flexibility, endurance, balance, and power significantly. It can be used anywhere by men and women of all ages or physical capabilities. If you just want your body to perform at a higher healthier level, improve your body's performance by wearing Ampli5 products.

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"I love this thing. It works great. When I workout I have an increase in strength of about 10%. I wear it every day have noticed that I have more energy and bounce in my step. I strongly recommend this to anyone - old or young. It works!!!"
-- Bo White | New Orleans, La

"This bracelet has increased my ability to balance significantly. Being as tall as I am (6'3") I've never had the best balance but when I wear my Ampli5 bracelet, I can definitely see much improved results as well as increased flexibility. This thing is amazing! "
-- B.J. | Santa Monica, CA

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